Why Kettlebells are a Great Training Tool

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Kettlebells have gained a lot of popularity during the past decade or so—and with good reason. They’re great training tools. Not only can they be used to get the heart rate up and get the sweat rolling down you brow, they’re also great for developing the body in other ways. Here’s a brief overview of why kettlebells rule.


They Train Mobility/Stability

Moving well is important for being able to move a lot. Most of our training goals revolve around getting stronger, feeling better, and looking better in our underoos- all noble pursuits. The thing is, in order to get the best of all three, we’ve got to train consistently. Training consistently builds momentum, and momentum dropkicks goals in the face. Having a mobile and stable body helps us fast-track our way to our goals, because we are able to train harder and with more consistency, while also remaining healthy.  Winner, winner.

Arm Bar
Dee Sampson performing the kettlebell arm bar



Exercises like the Get-up, the Arm Bar, and the Prying Goblet Squat are types of exercises that you can think of as functional stretches. These exercises, and others like them, teach the body to move with greater range of motion, while also demanding control.


They’re Great for Strength Training

Danielle Barchetti performing a kettlebell deadlift
Danielle Barchetti performing a kettlebell deadlift

From the swing, to the goblet squat, to the overhead press, the kettlebell has great uses for building strength. Even better, since they train can train one side of the body at a time, kettlebells build balanced strength. Since you have to use your body’s intrinsic strength to hold position as you move with the kettlebell, strength gain from this type of training transfers better to everyday life than strength gained from machines and implements that only allow for rigid, one-directional movement.



Conditioning/Metabolic Training

Ryan O'Donnell performing a kettlebell swing
Ryan O’Donnell performing a kettlebell swing

We all want to get our heart rate up and feel like we accomplished something during our time at the gym. And who doesn’t want the benefits of dropping fat and getting leaner? Since bells can be swung, squatted, pressed, etc. for a lot of reps without stressing the body too much, they’re great conditioning tools. The weight of the bell helps raise the heart rate, and the ability to do a lot of work in a short amount of time gives the body the stress it needs to improve conditioning and lose fat. Once again- win, win.




Seriously, kettlebells are a blast to train with! They offer opportunities to learn new skills and perform challenging, yet enjoyable, workouts. You know the type, the ones just hard enough to leave you feeling a little gassed, but not so hard that you’re questioning if you’ll ever do this again.

kettlebell mug
Yep, you can even drink from them


Learning is the key. If you love learning new, applicable training skills, kettlebells provide tons of chances train your body to master movements. The process of growing in mobility, strength, and conditioning with kettlebells is as fun as anything you can do in a gym.


If you’re interested in training with kettlebells and want an opportunity to learn how to use bells the right way in a fun and informative environment, click the link to learn more and to register for our 6 week kettlebell class, kicking off April 18th!

Kettlebell Classes


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