Stories Beyond Strength: Dee Sampson

Stories Beyond Strength is a monthly series that celebrates the forward movement, the hero stories, of the folks that make BSP NOVA an incredible place to train.


Here’s a dare for you: ignore Dee Sampson’s “fill up the room” smile when you see her. I don’t mean to set you up for failure, but I don’t think you can do it. You’ll also be hard pressed to avoid her positive and supportive presence within the walls of Beyond Strength Performance NOVA. She’s an All-American woman with a big heart.


But she’s not all smiles and compliments—Dee is a goal-oriented quester. She graduated from college with a degree in Criminal Justice and trained to become a certified massage therapist. Since moving to Virginia from the Syracuse, NY area in 2000, she’s kept striving to move herself forward. Now she’s a government contractor that coordinates visits from foreign liaisons and the proud owner of a new home.


Dee’s determination to make progress is what brought her to BSP NOVA. She’d been doing the traditional gym gig for years—go to big box gyms and hire the personal trainers they had to offer. But she never felt like she made the progress she wanted to—she couldn’t find the quality experience that she was searching for. Even worse, she kept getting hurt. Old injuries showed their faces and some new ones popped in to join the crowd.


She wanted to train to be healthy and reach her goals.


She also wanted to join something bigger than herself—a place with energy and camaraderie.


So when a friend told her she should try out BSP NOVA, she scheduled a consultation.


“BSP seemed the right place to look for what I was missing.  The energy and camaraderie when I came to do my initial assessment was awesome and I wanted to be part of that.”


She came for the quality of service, which she continues to enjoy, and stayed for the family.


“As soon as I joined this place, I felt like I had a new family. The atmosphere is competitive, supportive, and fun. Each new program challenges me in a different way, and the coaches make it entertaining to be here.  Not to mention I’ve seen better results from my time at BSP than I ever did before.”



Dee came in the door with her eyes on the prize of doing pull-ups—and now she can do multiple per set. But her goals have since evolved and now she’s thinking long-term. She wants to stay injury free, keep moving well, and keep gaining strength throughout her life. And she’s excited for this life-long journey.

She knows there will be challenges—she’s met and overcome them before. During her first months at BSP NOVA she was struggling with tennis elbow in both arms—and had pain from her elbows to her hands. With pain leading to weakness, she had trouble even holding and lifting her water bottle. But through diligent work, and consistency, with a well-designed training program, Dee overcame her elbow pain. A challenge met that helps her prepare for future challenges.


I asked her what she’d say to someone embarking on a new fitness journey to help them overcome challenges and make progress toward their goals.


“My advice would be to not get discouraged when you don’t see progress right away. Consistency is the one of the most important factors in fitness and the only way to make gains and see the changes you want is to be consistent with workouts and healthy eating.”


That’s great advice from a great person.


Dee’s Story Beyond Strength isn’t over yet—she’s still on the path toward longevity and training to make a better life. We’re proud to be a part of it at BSP and proud to share her story so that she can pass the torch to others looking to train their way into a better life.


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