Semi-Private Personal Training ($$$)

semi-private personal training

Semi-private personal training is personal training with freedom. It’s the best of both worlds.

Picture this: a gym where you follow your own customized training program, have complete control over when you schedule your training, and have the support of Northern Virginia’s best fitness coaches.  You just envisioned Beyond Strength Performance NOVA’s semi-private personal training program.


Here’s the low-down on how it works:

You start the process by sitting down with our fearless leader, Chris Merritt, for a 1-on-1 assessmentand  goal setting session.  You’ll see the facility, chat with him about your fitness goals, and receive go through the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)—the baseline movement test that helps us select the right exercises for you when we write your customized training program— and a few postural pictures (we’ll do more testing to learn the specifics of your body, but the FMS and pictures get the party started).  The assessment is all about you.  Chris spends the time to learn about you, so that we can best serve you in pursuit of your fitness goals.

After the consultation, you choose the amount of training that works for you.  We’ll help you out with 100 percent, pressure-free guidance.  We offer two-days-per-week, three-days-per-week, and four-days-per-week options.  You choose the option that fits your schedule, your goals, and your budget.

Training freedom doesn’t mean that you’ll be left on your own to navigate a new environment.  Starting on day one, you’ll be guided through your program, and the entire training experience, by our unconditionally positive coaching staff.  To compliment your individualized training program, you’ll experience individualized coaching.  Our coaches take the time to get to know you, to learn about how you like to be coached, and to make sure you have the best experience possible- every time you train with us.

And to make sure you always get the coaching attention that you need, we maintain a coach to client ratio of no more than 1:5, giving you the freedom to schedule as you need, take ownership of your training process, while also receiving the support and guidance of coaches that care about you and your success.


Once you sign up for semi-private personal training…

1. You will schedule your sessions with our online schedule.  Once you are registered and in the system, you can save the schedule to your smart phone as an app to schedule quickly going forward.

  • This is convenient for planning your training schedule, making your own cancellations, and rescheduling.  All of this without having to call and ask…

2. You’ll fill out a short questionnaire on the backside of your program every day when you come in.  The questionnaire will look at sleep, soreness & fatigue, pain, and nutrition.

  • This information helps our coaches regulate anything in your program for your unique daily readiness. 

Then, it’s get to work time!  No more milling around in the gym, it’s all right there, on paper and with your coaches.  We’ve got you covered.

3. Your program evolves. Based on how you and your body are responding, as well as information collected on a “completed program questionnaire,” we will manipulate and change your program (also known as periodization) on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to ensure that you get the results you desire in an expedited fashion.

As a member of Beyond Strength Performance NOVA’s semi-private personal training, you will experience an attention to detail, personalization, and professionalism that you have never experienced before – we guarantee it.


Semi-Private Personal Training Prices:


12 Month Agreement

  • 2 days per week: $240/month ($30/session*)
  • 3 days per week: $300/month ($25/session*)
  • 4 days per week: $368/month ($23/session*)


4 Month Agreement

  • 2 days per week: $288/month ($36/session*)
  • 3 days per week: $372/month ($31/session*)
  • 4 days per week: $464/month ($29/session*)



  • Only offered in special circumstances


*Per session rates are for comparison purposes only- we do not charge by the session, nor do we document attendance for make-up purposes. These prices are for x days/week of programming of which you can “make-up” on days other than your typical scheduled day(s)/time(s) by simply scheduling with any trainer on staff. They do not roll over to extend contracts or delay payment.

Ready to get started?

Experience an entire month of our personalized approach to fitness. Your 30-day trial includes a 1-on-1 assessment & goal setting session, a quick start guide, 1 personal training session, 3 days per week semi-private personal training, and 2 days per week group conditioning classes. An $817 value for only $199.

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