Our 30-Day Trial

Our 30-day trial

Experience an entire month of our personalized approach to fitness.


Your 30-day trial includes:

  • 1-on-1 assessment & goal setting session (description below)
  • 1-on-1 orientation
  • 3 days per week semi-private personal training
  • 2 days per week group conditioning classes

Only $199

If you’re not convinced at the completion of your 30-day trial that we are the best fit for YOU, walk away with no obligation whatsoever.

Still on the fence, not quite ready to commit to our 30-day trial?  Start with the 1-on-1 assessment & goal setting session for a flat rate of $99.  If you decide to join, we’ll roll that $99 investment right back into your 30-day trial!

Curious what our rates are once you finish your 30 days?  They’re all posted under “Adult Training” in our menu.

Get started today!



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