Group Conditioning Classes ($)

If you’re short on time, but you have a solid lunch break a few days per week to devote to training, or maybe you just want to get some good, solid work in a couple days per week, our group conditioning classes are a great fit for you.  Get in.  Get out.  Get on with your day.

Group Conditioning

These 40-minute, noon-time group conditioning classes are designed to be challenging, yet safe and fun.  Using implements like kettlebells, weight sleds, TRX, and your own bodyweight, you’ll work hard, and leave knowing that you got a great workout, but have the energy to take on the rest of your day.


P.S. They’re also a super affordable training option that doesn’t skimp on quality.


Group Conditioning Prices:


  • FREE for all Personal Training, Semi-Private Personal Training, and Operation Transformation members!
  • Non-member Monthly membership: $96
  • Drop-in rate: $20/session

Ready to get started?

Experience an entire month of our personalized approach to fitness. Your 30-day trial includes a 1-on-1 assessment & goal setting session, a quick start guide, 1 personal training session, 3 days per week semi-private personal training, and 2 days per week group conditioning classes. An $817 value for only $199.

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