Lori Lindsey


  • Coach

  • B.S. Sociology, University of Virginia

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM

  • RKC Kettlebell Instructor – Level 1

  • Former Professional Soccer Player, United States Women’s National Team – World Cup 2011, Olympics 2012

It all started in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1988.  Lori was a very unique eight-year-old girl.  Think: cutoff t-shirt, slicked-back mullet, Brute cologne wearing, skateboarding, tomboy.  She loved and played every sport imaginable, especially soccer.

At the time, she also loved the movies and wanted to be an actress.  Lori just knew she was destined for Hollywood. Well, that was until her portrayal of Miep in “The Diary Of Anne Frank.”  To put it politely, she was horrible.

With that realization, Lori couldn’t get back to soccer quickly enough.  So, at the age of twelve, she gave up on her dreams of becoming an actress, strapped on her soccer cleats and committed to the game.  Thus began her amazing soccer and strength and conditioning journey.


As it turned out, soccer was Lori’s thing!  She went on to have a pretty awesome soccer career, becoming a two-time All-American at the University of Virginia, and earning the opportunity to represent the US Women’s National Team, most notably at the 2011 Women’s World Cup, and supporting the U.S. team to an Olympic Gold medal in 2012.  Lori is also one of only four players to have played in all three U.S. professional women’s soccer leagues.  Lori’s professional playing career spanned 13 years!

Lori credits her strength training and performance coaches (Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey and Mike Davis) for her 13-year injury-free professional career.


It was the influences of these coaches that ultimately led her to becoming a strength and conditioning coach.  Through the support of her coaches, Lori witnessed how lifting weights improved her performance, boosted confidence, and ultimately allowed her to take ownership, both on and off the field.

Lori is excited to “pay it forward” to support all athletes develop their athletic identity, and achieve their long-term goals, by taking ownership of their process and journey.

Learn more about Lori, and read her blog at www.lorilindsey.us.

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