Lindsey Galloway

  • “B Cubed” (Books, Billing, and Ballin’)

Lindsey is the sail that keeps this ship pointed in the right direction.  Without her help, there would be too much stress for Chris to handle.  Next time you see her, give her a pat on the back and just say, “THANKS!”

Upon graduating from UNLV, Lindsey worked for an accounts payable department in Nevada.  After three years, she decided it was time for a change in both career and geography, and in 2000 made the move from Las Vegas to Northern Virginia to work in IT for the same company.

Having been with Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, as a client, since the beginning, Lindsey saw some areas on the back end that could be taken off of Chris’s plate and volunteered to help out.  This help has turned out to be a huge blessing, allowing Chris to focus his attention to the members and training systems…

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