Semi-Private Personal Training

Beyond Strength Performance NOVA’s semi-private personal training is geared towards individuals ready to make a serious commitment to their health and fitness.  Each client is equipped with an individualized program geared toward achieving measurable goals.  As a client, you’ll receive top-notch programming and great coaching, while training in a fun and motivating environment.  With a handful of members in the gym at a time, all working towards unique and varied goals, you’ll be surrounded by a second family to help you achieve what you never thought was possible!


Here’s how Semi-Private Personal Training works:

1. You’ll come by for a FREE consultation and check out the gym.  We will talk about your goals, you’ll meet the staff, and observe part of a session.

  • We really are a second home for our members, and we don’t want that to be any different for you. This is your shot to make sure we are what you’re looking for and vice versa.

2. Once you get officially enrolled in the program we start off with an assessment.  You can see full details on the assessment page, but essentially we are looking at static posture and movement through pictures and the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), along with a questionnaire covering background information.

These are the kinds of things that we’re looking for before designing your program

3. We’ll take all of the information from the assessment process and give you daily homework to work on from those findings (not everybody needs this-but most do, and the remaining usually “test out” after a few weeks).  You will also receive our nutrition packet after the assessment.  Our nutrition is a detailed series of “habits.”  Get these down, keep a food journal, and we’ll provide ongoing assistance with choice management to drive your success in and out of the gym.

4. Your first full session after the assessment will cover the warm-ups and an introduction to the basic movements involved in squatting, pushing, hinging, and pulling.  We have a hierarchy of movement for each category and we check to see where YOU are from day one.

  • This is important for making sure that your program is doable right off the bat, providing the right challenge and a clear progression and regression of movements for ongoing programming.

5. After the initial session is over, our staff will sit down and design a customized program, built around your unique goals and our findings.

  • We’ve done thousands of sessions since opening our doors.  Every rep of every session has been recorded.  The programs, the progressions, the outcomes- they’re all tracked.  Chances are pretty good that someone here is similar to you, and while you are not exactly the same, we can look back and see what worked for others like yourself.  No guess work here…

6. You will schedule your sessions with our online scheduler, found right here on this website and our Facebook page.

  • This is convenient for planning your training schedule, making your own cancellations, and rescheduling.  All of this without having to call and ask…

7. Your program for the month is on paper, on the board when you show up.  No more milling around in the gym, it’s all right there… mobility, warm-ups, power, strength, core, and conditioning in the doses that YOU need.  We’ve got you covered.

Program board

Program board

8. Our support.  We are your coaches and we will help to nudge you in the right direction each session.  Form correction, a friendly push, camaraderie.

7. Your program evolves. Based on how you and your body are responding we will manipulate and change your program (also known as periodization) on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to ensure that you get the results you desire in an expedited fashion.

As a member of Beyond Strength Performance NOVA you will experience an attention to detail, level of personalization, and professionalism that you have never experienced before - we guarantee it.

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training

If you are committed to this as much as we are committed to you and your goals, fill out the form below and let’s get started on your FREE consultation.

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