2017 Weekly Video Blog, 2/52


Watch through to the end for: + Footage of members kicking butt – all throughout + Our soccer tip of the week (handcuff hinge) – 2:23 + Skier Kettlebell Swing Tutorial – 2:59 + Behind […]

The Real Way To Train Like A Soccer Pro


Every time I here the slogan, “Train Like A Pro,” I cringe- as it usually involves an athlete trying to attempt some advanced jump when they can barely land correctly, or a soccer player attempting […]

Getting Conditioning Right, Part 3 of 3


In this final installment of our three-part conditioning series, we are going to discuss cardiac output training, or easy weekend training as we’ve deemed it in-house.  As we laid out in parts one and two, […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 1/52


Coach Chris’s goal for 2017 is to do a weekly video blog all 52 weeks of the year…  Here’s our first! Interested in checking out Beyond Strength Performance NOVA?   (390)

The ‘I Am Learning’ Mindset


Change is hard—that’s why people have a difficult time doing it.  Life is busy, our time is limited, and 1,000 different things are pulling us in 1,000,000 different directions.  It’s tough to keep on the […]

Why Fast, Sexy Change Isn’t Real Change


Here’s something you’ll find easy to believe: most fitness marketing doesn’t tell you the whole truth—shocker, right? From As Seen on TV gadgets, to hyper-fast fat loss advertisements from the new gym around the corner, […]

Getting Conditioning Right, Part 2 of 3


In continuation of last week’s post, we are still on the topic of conditioning.  This week’s video takes a look at our middle of the week approach to conditioning. When it comes to conditioning, there’s […]



Things have changed in the five years since we opened the doors of BSP NOVA back in 2011.  It used to be that we had to explain to almost everyone that walked through these doors […]

Getting Conditioning Right, Part 1 of 3


When it comes to conditioning, there’s been a concerning trend in the personal and group training world over the last few years: more is better, and harder is best.  Conditioning has been approached with a […]

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