(703) 444-0662 Hours 21620 RIDGETOP CIRCLE, STERLING, VA 20166
(703) 444-0662 Hours 21620 RIDGETOP CIRCLE, STERLING, VA 20166
We’re a training facility with a simple, but unrelenting, cause:

We are here to put you in the best position possible to transform and achieve your goals.


Here, at BSP NOVA, transformation is multi-dimensional- physical, mental, performance.


Together we all progress through perseverance, overcoming roadblocks in a positive community of people striving to be better than they were yesterday.


By getting to know you, and your body, we create a quality training experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the greater D.C. area. We mold our coaching strategies to fit you, not the other way around.

Experience an entire month of our personalized approach to fitness for $199

Picture this: a gym where you follow your own customized training program that includes core, mobility, power, strength, conditioning, and cool-down, as well as have complete control over when you schedule your training, all with the support of Northern Virginia’s best fitness coaches.



It’s your journey, so we take the time to learn about you, and fully support you in pursuit of your fitness goals.


Providing you with the CONFIDENCE to hit the ground running lifting, right from the first day.


With the info from steps 1 & 2, we’ll design your custom fitness plan—making your fitness goals a reality. 


Our coaches are here for YOU, making sure you have the best experience possible- every time you train with us.


Have fun, burn fat, and increase energy in our group Metabolic Conditioning classes.


Don't just take our word for it
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Membership Rates

after your 30-Day Kickstart

2 days per week

$259/ MO
  • Includes Metabolic Conditioning
  • Our most popular option
  • We recommend starting here

3 days per week

$329/ MO
  • Includes Metabolic Conditioning
  • Our second most popular option
  • Upgrade from 2 to 3 days any time

4 days per week

$399/ MO
  • Includes Metabolic Conditioning
  • Some members upgrade to 4 days seasonally
  • Only a brave few reside here year-round
Our program only works if you’re completely satisfied with the value BSP NOVA adds to your life.


If you’re not convinced at the completion of your 30-Day Kickstart that we are the best fit for YOU, walk away with no obligation whatsoever.


Seriously, no additional costs or hidden fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an actual training session involve?

While no two people within our walls have the same program, the sessions follow a similar flow.

You’ll start each session with a warm-up, not only preparing you for the demands of the training to follow, but working on the big three: mobility, stability, and movement patterning.

After the warm-up you’ll move onto power training, typically coupled with core and mobility work, based on your individual assessment. Common examples of power training involve medicine ball throws, jumps, kettlebells, agility work, etc., with the specifics depending on your goals, needs, and competency with given movements.

From power we move on to the strength training portion of the session. This is where we work on things like squats, deadlifts, pressing, pulling, more core, and stability work. Again, the individual exercises are selected based on your goals, needs, and competency.

After our strength training we get into the conditioning portion of the session. Again, what you do will be dependent upon your goals, needs, and competency. But common options include battling ropes, the rower, sleds, bike, crawls, carries, etc…

Finally, we finish off each session with a cool-down, typically involving breathing and stretching exercises, picked based on your assessment.

Now, does every session/program involve all of these things? No. In fact, everything is dependent upon what YOU want. But, the above session example will give you a pretty good idea of how things go.

How long are your contracts?

We believe in a long-term approach to fitness, developing a habit of consistency for the long-haul, which is why we have 12-month contracts. Consistency creates momentum, and momentum makes the acquisition of goals attainable. We prefer to give our members the most sustainable, long-lasting results possible, and this can only be done through progressive training strategies over a longer period of time. We do offer 4-month contract options at a higher price point.

You have per-session rates listed—can I pay per session?

Per-session rates are for comparison purposes only. Our memberships are for 2, 3, or 4 days per week of programming, of which you can “make up” anytime. As long as you remain a member, your sessions will roll over from month to month, but they do not extend contracts or delay payment.

I'm interested, but not sure I'm ready to commit to the 30-Day Kickstart- what can I do?

Email or call any time through the contact section of our menu. We’re more than happy to answer your questions, comments, and/or concerns!

If you decide you’d like to start with the 1-on-1 assessment & goal setting session, we can do that for a flat rate of $99. If you decide to join later, we’ll roll that $99 investment right back into your 30-Day Kickstart!

Ready to schedule your 1-on-1 consultation?

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