FREE Fat Loss Seminar!


Are you looking to drop some unwanted body fat?  Not sure where to start?  Well you’re in luck!!  We are hosting a completely free talk on just that, Monday February 9th, 2015 at 7:30pm! We […]

How do you warm up? (FREE warm up inside!)


A proper warm up is a VERY important component of strength and conditioning that many people overlook…  Not sure where to start?  You’re in luck! Stop jumping on the elliptical for 10:00 to break a […]

Preventing Shoulder Aches and Pains


Beat up, painful shoulders are a common occurrence in many a lifter’s life, but it doesn’t need to be this way.  With a simple screen and a few exercises during the time you would usually […]

Progressing the Turkish Get-Up


The Turkish get-up is an awesome test of overall strength and mobility. When performed properly, it is a beautiful thing- as Pavel says, loaded yoga. However, it’s not an exercise that one runs out and masters on day one. […]

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