Flashy Friday: Foam Roller Walkout


TGIF.  Toes go in first. That may come in handy one day…   Anywho, it’s freaking Flashy Friday!!! This week we’ve got a core challenge for anyone daring enough to try.   Foam Roller Walkout […]

Technique Tuesday: Bent Over Row


Hey BSP Family!!  It’s Tuesday- ya know, Technique Tuesday.  Today we are going to talk about how all of the things we do are related, and that they should build upon each other.  We’ll be […]

#FlashyFriday: Strict Muscle-Up


Another week rolling to a close, which means our third installment of #FlashyFriday is here!  This week we are going over the STRICT muscle-up… Boom! The strict muscle-up is not easy, but with a few […]

Flashy Friday: J-Rock Special


Happy Friday!!  We are back again this week with the latest edition of Flashy Friday…  This time around we are getting after the J-Rock Special.  The J-Rock Special is Coach Johnny “J-Rock” Johnson’s (pictured above) […]

The Blessing of Ignorance


If I was a betting man, I’d be willing to wager the house that you’ve heard of the curse of knowledge.  But I’ve come to believe in the other side of the coin as well: […]

Flashy Friday: One Arm Chin-Up Variation


So this week, we start a whole new hashtag.  We don’t know if it’s new or not, but it’s new for us… and we are taking it over!  #FlashyFriday is here! So Flashy Friday is […]

Show Up


Stop trying so hard.  That’s it.  You can stop reading right now.  That’s all there is to conquering whatever your goals may be… Hey! Why are you still reading? You want more?  Okay, I’ll expand… […]

Beyond Strength Performance Essentials


Whether your goal is fat loss, performance, muscle gain, or health- a solid grasp of the essentials will aid in your progression from wherever you may be.  So what are the Beyond Strength Performance Essentials? […]

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