[Free] Kettlebell Workout

Yes, really

Enjoy a 100% free (seriously, no strings attached) kettlebell workout, on us.

At first glance this workout appears to be short and simple.  And, well, it is.  But don’t mistake simple for easy.

Check it out:

Kettlebells are an incredibly diverse tool. They can be utilized to drop body fat, get stronger, increase conditioning, and even improve mobility…

If these movements are new to you, or maybe you’re looking to refine your form to fully reap the benefits of kettlebell training, join us for our upcoming 6-week kettlebell class where you’ll learn the get up, swing, clean, and the press!  It all kicks off on Tuesday April 18th at 6:00pm…

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Chris Merritt
Strength Coach/ B.S. Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University/ Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist/ FMS/ Strong First Level 1 Certified Kettlebell Instructor/ Owner of Beyond Strength Performance, LLC, Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, LLC, and Beyond Strength Performance Tactical, LLC
Chris Merritt

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