I Just Don’t Want to Fail


Human beings are strange creatures. We’re surrounded by all of these things that could potentially make us happy—like success and the associated positive emotions—but it’s rare that we stretch ourselves and seek them out. Mostly, […]

Are You In Shape?


This past week Jeremy Brown, a member of BSP NOVA, posted a question to Facebook looking for opinions as to what defined “in shape,” spurring a stimulating social media conversation. Almost everyone has a picture […]

Why You Need Challenges


People that exercise typically want their workouts to be challenging in some way, but challenge runs way deeper than that. Challenge is a way for us to examine ourselves, where we currently stand, and close […]

Weekly Video Blog, 26/52


This week’s video blog goes over the reverse lunge, using basic principles that transfer to every variation of the lunge. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Technique Tuesday post to peep a whole lot of […]

Weekly Video Blog, 25/52


This week’s video goes over the single leg RDL with the landmine.  After the lesson we jump into a little training footage before showing off the bowling skills of our BSP NOVA members, from this […]

It’s Ok if the First Rep Sucks


News flash—you’re not perfect. And guess what? No reasonable person expects you to be, no matter the situation. You are, with absolute certainty, going to make mistakes in every realm of your life. And that’s […]

Weekly Video Blog 24/52


Easily the most lighthearted video blog we’ve ever done, but the footage of Tyler Stevenson could cheer up ANYONE—I dare you to watch and not smile/laugh/feel great… This week’s video also goes over the inverted […]

How to Warm Up With Weights


In last week’s blog we outlined 5 Reasons to Warm-up With Weights. Today, we’re going to expand on warming up and give you a strategy for your weight warm-up—and answer some warm-up FAQs. Ok, let’s […]

Weekly Video Blog 23/52


It’s the weekly video blog, or vlog, as all the kids correct me… This week’s video drives home a simple but VERY important point for the push-up. Beyond that, we’ve got some footage that will […]

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