Different Grips for Different Lifts


One of the biggest mistakes we’ve been seeing in the gym lately involves the use of the wrong grip for a given lift.  Many people don’t realize it, but we should be using different grips […]

How Active Are You?


A seemingly simple question, right?  But as we’ve learned over the last few weeks, through the implementation of the brand new quick start guides from Precision Nutrition’s Pro Coach, many people grossly overestimate just how […]

Bringing Full Body Tension To Your Pull-Up


The pull-up is one of the most sought after “firsts” that many new members to Beyond Strength Performance NOVA commonly seek.  Use the tension techniques in today’s video, and you just might get your first, […]

The Weights Don’t Always Go Up


We’ve found ourselves answering very similar concerns from multiple members over the last few weeks.  They’ve been asking questions along the lines of: “Why is it that I lifted this exact weight last week, with […]

Video: 4 Drills to Help Dial In Your Hinge


The hinge is arguably the most important pattern for everyone to learn.  The hinge sets us up to RDL, deadlift, swing, clean, bent over row, hit an athletic stance, jump, etc…  Unfortunately, it’s also commonly […]

The Best Nutrition Habit, Ever


Our nutrition habits can make or break our body composition goals. Today we show you the best nutrition habit, ever. You don’t need to count macros to get lean.  In fact, eating “by the clock” […]

Video: Fixing the Bent Over Row


The bent over row is arguably the king of upper body pulling.  It requires a strong hinge, solid core strength, and great body awareness to pull it off successfully.  But, unfortunately, it’s often butchered.  In […]

Balance for Abs


[Pictures of the new gym at the end!] Today we start with a story- a true story that happened recently, right here at BSP NOVA.  But first, a little background info… Every time a member […]

We’re Moving!!


We are super-duper pumped to announce that our new location is under construction!  We are moving just under a mile down the road, and adding a TON of awesome stuff.  We’ll be making periodic announcements […]

Screwing Up is Normal


All too often we see valiant efforts run off the tracks because someone screwed up.  But we’re here to tell you that EVERY hero screws up.  Real heroes grow from their blunders, only making them […]

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