Video: Where should my feet be when I squat?


We commonly experience one of two things: 1) Individuals come in to the gym and squat with their feet too straight forward, robbing mobility (depth) from their squat 2) Individuals at the gym ask, “where […]

4 Personal Transformation Must-Have’s


Many people hit the gym looking for the same thing: fat loss.  But most of those people miss the mark on at least one of four personal transformation must-have’s! But you’re ready to kick it […]

Building a Better Me


“Why do you go to the gym?”  Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question, or maybe others have asked it of you…  But have you ever thought about it? . . Maybe it’s weight loss you […]

BMI at the Dr’s Office


I need to start by saying that I honestly never planned on making a post like this one.  But, a situation occurred a few months ago with one of our BSP NOVA family members on […]

Flashy Friday: Bottoms Up Kettlebells!!


This week’s #FlashyFriday, we bring back the kettlebells!  This time around we are going to play around and have a little fun with bottoms up work!  There’s a little bit of flexing involved, I mean […]

Flashy Friday: Fun with Band and Bells


Happy Friday!  I know, I know- we disappeared on you guys there for a while.  Well, Thanksgiving, new member madness, and all things wonderful have kept us off the blog for a little… but we […]

Technique Tuesday: SFG Snatch Test


Whether you’re thinking about obtaining your Strong First Girya (SFG) certification, or you just want to tackle the 100 snatches in 5:00 benchmark, there are a lot of different approaches out there.  Today, I’m going […]

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