Weekly Video Blog, 16/52


Have you ever wondered, “when and why should I wear a weight belt?” If so, this week’s video is for you! Then, as always, we’ve got lots of footage of our BSP NOVA family rockin’ […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 15/52


Have you ever been told to drive through your heels or wiggle your toes while squatting or deadlifting? Then you need to check out this week’s video… On top of that, we have all kinds […]

[Free] Kettlebell Workout


Enjoy a 100% free (seriously, no strings attached) kettlebell workout, on us. At first glance this workout appears to be short and simple.  And, well, it is.  But don’t mistake simple for easy. Check it […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 14/52


In this week’s video we keep things realllly short and sweet- but for good reason! Ready to join in on the fun? Try Beyond Strength Performance NOVA for 30 days: + 1-on-1 assessment & goal […]

3 Tips to Improve Your Kettlebell Clean


Whether you’re just learning the kettlebell clean for the first time, or trying to refine your technique, these three tips are for you: Interested in learning how to use kettlebells, the right way, while also […]

Stories Beyond Strength: Dee Sampson


Here’s a dare for you: ignore Dee Sampson’s “fill up the room” smile when you see her. I don’t mean to set you up for failure, but I don’t think you can do it. You’ll […]

Why Kettlebells are a Great Training Tool


Kettlebells have gained a lot of popularity during the past decade or so—and with good reason. They’re great training tools. Not only can they be used to get the heart rate up and get the […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 13/52


In this week’s video we highlight some “odd” movements in the gym- which is perfect timing for our movement seminar tomorrow evening (www.facebook.com/bspnova/events)! In the second half of the video we’ve got a Gainz Games […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 12/52


In this week’s video we go over a common deadlift mistake. Have you ever been cued to make the logo on your shirt face the wall in front of you? If so, watch today’s video […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 11/52


In this week’s video we talk rear foot elevated split squats. You know you’ve hopped around looking for the best foot position before… well that changes today! We’ve also got tons of footage, as always, […]

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