Building a Better Me


“Why do you go to the gym?”  Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question, or maybe others have asked it of you…  But have you ever thought about it? . . Maybe it’s weight loss you […]

BMI at the Dr’s Office


I need to start by saying that I honestly never planned on making a post like this one.  But, a situation occurred a few months ago with one of our BSP NOVA family members on […]

Flashy Friday: Bottoms Up Kettlebells!!


This week’s #FlashyFriday, we bring back the kettlebells!  This time around we are going to play around and have a little fun with bottoms up work!  There’s a little bit of flexing involved, I mean […]

Flashy Friday: Fun with Band and Bells


Happy Friday!  I know, I know- we disappeared on you guys there for a while.  Well, Thanksgiving, new member madness, and all things wonderful have kept us off the blog for a little… but we […]

Technique Tuesday: SFG Snatch Test


Whether you’re thinking about obtaining your Strong First Girya (SFG) certification, or you just want to tackle the 100 snatches in 5:00 benchmark, there are a lot of different approaches out there.  Today, I’m going […]

Flashy Friday: Parallette Challenge


Happy Friday the 13th!!!!  This week’s Flashy Friday is horrifyingly terrible- yet awesome.  How appropriate, right?! It’s not so much a hard exercise- which it is- as it is a challenge to all comers… Think […]

Flashy Friday: Building the Pistol Squat


You may have noticed that we missed Technique Tuesday this week.  Well, we received our brand new InBody570 on Tuesday (check it out here), so we wound up not doing a post!  But, that’s okay […]

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