2017 Weekly Video Blog, 7/52


Our 7th 2017 Weekly Video Blog is one that we would have rather never made. We are incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Lex, and he will truly never be […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 6/52


Trust me, you’re going to want to watch this one the whole way through! In this week’s video blog we’ve got: + Chris’s Favorite smoothie recipe + A showdown between coach Geoff and the parking […]

Is This Strength and Conditioning?


“I don’t know what this is, but I know this is what my son needs right now.  Is this strength and conditioning?” A father recently asked this question as he stood with coach Chris, watching […]

Try Operation Transformation Risk-Free!


  Round two of Operation Transformation kicks off on Monday March 6th, and you can grab one of only 20 spots available for just $99 the first month (a $100 savings).     Even better, […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 5/52


In our 5th of installment of the 2017 weekly video blog we’ve got: + Our February Alpha Challenge Announcement + Footage of members putting in worrrrrrk! + Clips from our new lunchtime conditioning (1:09 – […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 4/52


In our fourth video blog of 2017 we’ve got some members just absolutely crushing it. Be sure to stick around to the end and see why Beyond Strength Performance NOVA has the best coaches around. […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 3/52


Our third installment of the 2017 video blog is ready to roll!  We don’t like to make bold claims (yes we do), but this week’s video blog is too good not to watch the whole […]

2017 Weekly Video Blog, 2/52


Watch through to the end for: + Footage of members kicking butt – all throughout + Our soccer tip of the week (handcuff hinge) – 2:23 + Skier Kettlebell Swing Tutorial – 2:59 + Behind […]

The Real Way To Train Like A Soccer Pro


Every time I here the slogan, “Train Like A Pro,” I cringe- as it usually involves an athlete trying to attempt some advanced jump when they can barely land correctly, or a soccer player attempting […]

Getting Conditioning Right, Part 3 of 3


In this final installment of our three-part conditioning series, we are going to discuss cardiac output training, or easy weekend training as we’ve deemed it in-house.  As we laid out in parts one and two, […]

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