Video: Thunder in the Gym


In this week’s video we explore a mysterious phenomena happening at Beyond Strength Performance NOVA- thunder in the gym.  To be honest, it’s intermittent, but it happens.  It’s like the gym has it’s own ecosystem.  […]

Dominate the Day


Maybe you’ve felt like I have in the past:  There’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done.  You find yourself lying awake at night, running off your to-do list, fearful you’ll […]

Video: How to Use the Ab Wheel Rollout


In this week’s video we cover four ab exercises that prepare us to perform the ab wheel rollout properly.  Check it out: Let’s Review the Main Points of Building to a Great Ab Wheel Rollout: […]

Was It Worth It?


When I was growing up I kind of got in trouble.  A lot.  Not big trouble, but I definitely pushed the envelope quite often.  If something happened, there I was! For instance, in the first […]

Video: How to Use the Rower


In this week’s video we dissect the rower.  How not to do it.  How to do it.  We’ve got you covered.  Check out the video: Let’s review how to use the rower (like a boss) […]

Session Tempo: Moving Slow, Moving Fast


Whether you’re looking to lose body fat, increase your strength, pack on some muscle, or simply train for health, varying the tempo of your workouts will pay big dividends.  In this week’s post we are […]

Lean Launch Pays Back


Our first round of Lean Launch just wrapped up, and the results are awesome! Everyone that showed up consistently made considerable progress in just six short weeks.  How’d they do it?  By building a solid […]

“What Has BSP NOVA Done for You?”


For this week’s blog post, we decided to ask the members of Beyond Strength Performance NOVA a simple question… “What has BSP NOVA done for you?” The results were awesome… here’s what they had to […]

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