Video: Improve your deadlift setup!


Have you ever used an analogy to help get your point across?  Of course you have!  Well, we use analogies all of the time in the gym…  Check out today’s video to see what we […]

The Beginner’s Mindset


We’re all chasing goals.  You, me, everyone… But what sets apart the successful from the not-so-successful?  A lot of things, I would assume, but one stands out, to me, more than all of the others: […]

Video: How to Do a Proper Lunge


In this week’s video we cover the lunge. We often find that when people express a fear of lunges, due to a history of knee pain with the movement, these simple form corrections can leave […]

FREE Vacation Workouts!


It’s the time of year where everyone heads on vacation, making training become “difficult” to keep up with.  It never fails.  We receive an email almost every single week from someone asking, “What can I […]

Video: How to PROPERLY Plank


If you’ve ever participated in a workout routine, you’ve probably done a plank or two. But have you done them correctly? Check out the video to maximize the plank’s benefits! Ready to come check us […]

Video: Where should my feet be when I squat?


We commonly experience one of two things: 1) Individuals come in to the gym and squat with their feet too straight forward, robbing mobility (depth) from their squat 2) Individuals at the gym ask, “where […]

4 Personal Transformation Must-Have’s


Many people hit the gym looking for the same thing: fat loss.  But most of those people miss the mark on at least one of four personal transformation must-have’s! But you’re ready to kick it […]

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